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Hey hackerspaces, I've just joined a tech oriented volunteer group near San Bernardino, California (Loma Linda). The other members and I have independently come across and would really like to start a hackerspace in order to grow and reach out to those inclined to hacking in the area. We are currently operating out of a warehouse used by a thrift store, so there are plenty donated goodies to tinker with as well as plenty of space to expand. We have pretty much just theorized this idea so our toolset is limited, and would heavily rely on the tools brought by members. I realize this is the first post, but if anyone out there (OUT THERE, out there, ot tre) can hear me, we would really like to know if there is any interest.


ps (I personally have a fairly nice soldering iron, smd rework station, a 24 inch Graphtec vinyl cutter, and silk screens) I would like to work towards getting a laser cutter, embroiderer, multi station shirt press, but those are my somewhat lofty goals. I’m artistically inclined as well :)