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Feature request: Have the list of channels have two additional fields, language (english name) and language (native). For instance, /dev/tal would be "German" and "Deutsch" (these are just guesses, I'm assuming they speak german because they're from germany, and I *think* Deutsch is how Germans say "German").

Benefit: would allow people to google or search a relevant IRC channel right up.

I say this because I was lurking in #hackerspaces and someone came in and said "hm. ich bin im wiki seit anderthalb jahren blockiert, habs aber gerade erst gemerkt. (natürlich grundlos -- als grund ist "preemptive" angegeben). könnte das bitte jemand rückgängig machen? danke!"

Now, they were asking to get unbanned which is a wiki thing.. but isn't this an issue? Finding a foreign language channel?

Please consider it! --Freddogg (talk) 00:31, 25 January 2015 (CET)