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oh helloez!


I'd suggest to use our Hackerspaces as the XMPP /resource, so that people not yet deeply involved in the scene know who is participating in which hackerspace? Started doing so. What do you think? --Kwisatz 17:11, 5 January 2009 (CET)

passwords synchonization[edit]

Are passwords synchronized between the wiki and the jabber server?

I changed the password for wiki access, and attempted to use the same password for jabber. However, the jabber server responds with an authentication failure. --housetier 13:28, 23 December 2009 (UTC)

First of all, sorry for the late reply. For everyone: Nope, there is no synchronization done there! Your jabber pass has nothing to do with the one for the wiki, or those for blog, mailing lists, etc.! -- astera, Feb. 07th, 2010


Is the Hackerspaces bot dead? The last post on it is dated Feb 8. PeterS 22:47, 7 March 2010 (UTC)

Thank you for the tip, if our entry DFW Makers Club does not update, now we know that it might be the caching. i thought i was doing something wrong, but now i can at least clear the cache. - Sarjil 01/20/2013

On-wiki discussion?[edit]

This doesn't seem like a great place to ask this, but I couldn't find a better place. Is there much in the way of on-wiki discussion? It seems from what's on the page currently that if I want to discuss what's going on on this wiki in a productive way, or ask a question about how to accomplish something, I have to download and learn new software and create a new account to do so. Wikipedia (for example) has virtually all of its discussion on-wiki, and it's pretty well organized and easy to browse and participate in with the account and skills you already have. I don't see any of that here—do we/can we have that? – PointyOintment 05:35, 10 November 2017 (UTC)

jabber/XMPP TLS certificate fingerprint[edit]

Could the authoritative XMPP service certificate fingerprint and change date be posted automatically somewhere to allow me to verify the periodically changing Let's Encrypt certificate?

Current (from Gajim):

Issued on: 20180127102340Z
Expires on: 20180427102340Z

SHA1 Fingerprint: 19:75:E3:8C:EE:FF:36:CA:E0:11:8F:3F:40:88:6F:8A:01:86:EB:D9