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Bathurst Hackerspace[edit]

Hey, this is just a note that there never was a Bathurst hackerspace. I'm the one that originally created the page for it (although I believe I didn't even have a user created on at the time so it just shows up as an IP and I can't prove that it was me), and there was not really any interest in creating one in Bathurst, and then like most people from Bathurst I've moved to Moncton where I'm trying to set up a hackerspace in Moncton (called HubCityHack for now.) I went ahead and put the Bathurst Hackerspace status as closed, although it really should be deleted from the main list since it never opened to begin with. But at least, you could possibly remove it from this list as it is a bit misleading. --Zeroteku 10:55, 24 October 2010 (UTC)