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List of Hackerspaces CMKT 4 has visited:

OmniCorp Detroit LVL1 Collexion Hive13 CIF Makerspace Urbana Sector 67 I3 Hack Nashville Bloominglabs Cleveland Makerspace Hack Pittsburgh Music Market Arch Reactor GumboLabs Makers Local 256 Nashville Hacker Consortium QCCOLAB Ames Makerspace Denhac Make SLC Transistor Ace Monster Toys Noisebridge Crash Space Ink People Metrix Reuseum Hack Factory Studio 2091 CT Hackerspace NESIT AS220 Betascape (baltimore node) PS1 Milwaukee Makerspace TechCo Knoxville Makers Mojo Coworking Fablocker Splatspace MakeLab Charleston FamiLAB Brick Factory Nashville Freeside Atlanta JaxHax Omaha Maker Group Solid State Depot BoCoup Loft

About CMKT 4[edit]

CMKT 4 (from DeKalb, IL), the makers of Creme DeMentia Contact Microphones, have traveled the US teaching their workshops. In July of 2010, they attended the Detroit Maker Faire, which gave them a glimpse of the growing hackerspace movement. Shortly after, they had developed a kit for building their contact microphones in a workshop setting. They introduced their workshop at OmniCorpDetroit. Since then, CMKT 4 has taught workshops at 40 hackerspaces across the US, as well as several galleries and other venues. From Crash Space in LA, to As220 Labs in Providence, RI, the band has been canvasing the country in an effort to leave no hackerspace behind. CMKT 4 now offers a second workshop (Circuit Bending 101: Build a Bending Buddy), and has made return visits to several hackerspaces. The workshops are intended to provide a unique perspective on DIY electronics, while encouraging the creative use of recycled materials. Make sure not to miss CMKT 4 next time they come to your town!

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