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Tronic logo4EF.png
Status active
Country Bahrain
City Aali
Last Updated 2014-06-08
973 38008818
Snail mail

Aali Block 740 Road 4011 Building 332
00973 Aali

Number of members 5
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? no

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were still new just starting up we currently have some light metal and wood working machinery the usual electronic micro controllers ardiunos and rasberi pi's n so many other hard to get parts and machinery

We are an independent unique community supporting the individual to Make,Explore,Innovate,and do what ever it is that they love. We Accept and invite all ages,genders ,classes,and interests to express them selfs in what ever way they like .we believe in taking anything and improving on it to the best of our ability and sharing it .since our inception we declared and end to the monopoly of knowledge .TRONIC EDGE believes in exploring and sharing knowledge in an easy going equally accessible alternative learning environment ,and that it is the individuals fundamental right to have access to resources that aid in exploring and creating what ever their creativity desires we focus on ,robotics and mechatronics ,computer and communication systems ,fabrication (aluminium,wood ,plastic...),environmental and renewable energy projects ,and several forms of art

if interested in joining or visiting do not hesitate to email me on or just call me on +973 38008818 Ahmed Alaali -TRONIC EDGE SYSTEMS