SwarmRobot competition

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SwarmRobot competition
SwarmRobot competition
Type of Contest
Start 2012-11-05 (iCal)
End TBA - near end of November"TBA - near end of November" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation.
Homepage: SwarmRobot competition at UsableDevices
Venue: your place!
Country: Worldwide
Min Cost: 0 EUR0 USD <br />0 GBP <br />0 BTC <br />0 INR <br />
Max Cost: 00 USD <br />0 EUR <br />0 GBP <br />0 BTC <br />0 INR <br />

Prizes 15 PCB pairs (main controller and IR shield).

   Individuals – 5 prizes of 1 PCB pair
   Maker/Hacker spaces or other like minded groups – 2 prizes, each of 5 pairs of PCBs

To enter: Write a submission on what you would do with the SwarmRobot PCBs. The winners will be those displaying the best spirit of open sharing and learning in what they intend to do with the PCBs and how they intend to do this.


   Look at this sites goals and those of the AFRON competition
   Swarm – of robots and people creating…..
   Individuals – can work with others via the internet
   Groups – can work as a group or with other groups
   XinCheJian is one such group of individuals!
   XincCheJian wiki has a lot of SwarmRobot information and ideas
   Be creative, but realistic – it would be great if you can follow through with your ideas and the PCBS!
   Look at this sites goals and those of the AFRON competition

Entries will close – near the end of November. Full details with closing time and how to submit will be published shortly. If you can’t wait – then look to how dangerousprototypes run the 7400 competition – loose and flexible rules, with core goals of encouragement and having fun!