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Do we have it?

  • Should "member" be the term used? What about participant/ supporter/ Sudo-Agent? (Patrik: we can call them whatever we want internally, but for the elevator pitch we should refer to them as "members", because that is what people understand.)

Does it confer special privileges? for example,

  • make decisions
  • keys to space
  • ability to reserve facilities
  • access to tools/equipment?
  • Discount for classes or other goods/services
  • Maybe a substantive membership benefit would be that members get to invite speakers & have classes at the space without having to get larger group approval
    • would anyone pay for that privilege?
  • No material benefits to membership - members donate because they value the existence of the space and believe in its continued existence.
  • t shirts
  • (???)
  • (???)

are there expectations of members, do they have responsibilities? for example,

  • do work for the space/In-kind donation? What would the list of acceptable trades be?
    • existing services for evaluating trades include timebank and ourvolts.
  • join a sudo group
  • serve on council to help make decisions
  • pay dues or fees? (perhaps $50-$100/mo, with sliding scale available for starving students / unemployed)
  • teach workshops or skillshares
  • (???)
  • (???)

How do you become a member? for example,

  • complete application process
  • consensus or vote of membership
  • fulfilling work or dues requirement
  • (???)
  • (???)

what are the levels/ benefits/ rules of engagement & expectations?

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