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Banking Options[edit]


  • Used by Occupy for flexibility and convenience
  • Frontend to Bancorp

Community Trust (Self-help CU)[edit]

  • Formerly People’s Community Partnership Federal Credit Union of West Oakland
  • A couple horrible Yelp reviews
  • gives second chances to people with bad CHEX records and also microloans (social warm fuzzy)
  • No minimum checking; free for accounts with at least $300 (otherwise $3) or direct deposit (can we make somebody's dues look like that?); interest at $1000+
  • Will give loans to the undocumented


Mechanics Bank[edit]

  • Non credit union, but local, fairly well reviewed & they donate locally

Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union[edit]

  • Co-op credit union based in Berkeley

Pacific Coast Bank[edit]

  • Community Development Bank with a Triple Bottom Line
  • FDIC Insured
  • 20% of their loans are to low/moderate income lendees