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  • Matt
  • Philip
  • David


  • Philip has interest in hardware, embedded computing systems, sensors, etc.
  • Would be great to have a wheelchair accessible space.
  • Locations near BART or other transport would be good.
  • Fundraising thoughts
    • Possibilities for fundraising events, e.g. lock-picking school.
    • Some grants may be available based on workshops/projects/events.
  • Goal thoughts
    • Some commitment to public access is a common goal so far.
    • Great to create a supportive community for learning and education.
    • Re-use, finding use for old technology that is often assumed to be trash.
    • Creating a coherent discussion for goals may be difficult on wiki and over email.
    • Might be a need for a "something else" space where folks can work on projects they are passionate about rather than the things they have to work on, say for livelihood.
      • Ultimate dream here may be to develop a livelihood based on this work.
  • Looking at a 6 month time-frame for opening a space, with at least a 1 year commitment (an additional 6 months).

Action Items[edit]

  • Reach out to others in your social network, those folks who you know in the back of your head would be interested in Sudo Room.
  • Begin list of Funding Opportunities.
  • Brainstorm Goals on wiki, over email.
  • Visit East Bay spaces for those who have yet to see them!


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