Sudo room/01-04-2011 Meetup

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Things written in the margins

  • Benign neglect
    • Commitment to pluralism.
  • Data Science, a term offensive to scientists, data analysts and statisticians


Jenny, Paul (pi), Michael, Phil, Richard, Matt


  • Look into Ed Roberts Campus as possible location.
  • Added ability to move in quickly and with no build-out to "flexible agilities" list.
  • Richard has made himself available as a building/leasing resource.
  • Interesting issue with City Council in Mountain View convincing BioCurious to move to Sunnyvale instead.
    • Question is whether this will be an issue in the East Bay.
  • Mike said he was going to check out NIMBYspace (and then did).
  • January Occupy Hackers event (might have missed this), Mike?
  • Idea for "Sudo Luddites Night" once a week for non-tech meetup.
  • For Digital Media Learning conference: we could provide general info about hackerspaces.

Action Items[edit]

  • Follow-up with Mozilla about DML Science Fair opportunities (hackerspaces booth?).
  • Meet EBALDC folks with Anca from techliminal.
  • Mike's checking out NIMBYspace.