Stockport & S/E Manchester Hackspace Meeting 2009-07-18

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Stockport & S/E Manchester Hackspace Meeting 2009-07-18
Stockport & S/E Manchester Hackspace Meeting 2009-07-18
Type of Talk
Start 2009/07/18 (iCal)
End 2009/07/18
Homepage: Stockport Hackspace Group
Venue: Grey Horse Pub, Broadstone Road
City: Reddish
State: Stockport
Country: United Kingdom
Min Cost: 0
Max Cost: 0

This meeting is to start getting together a crowd to open a Hackspace in Stockport. Want to find out more about what a hackspace is? Check out for (a few) more details, and consider looking around

We'll be at the Grey Horse Public House on Saturday 18th July at 7pm. Please show your interest by clicking "I'm going" on the Upcoming Event Page at

The meeting will discuss further the research we've done towards getting a permanent location, more discussions on funding, talking about our current and possible future projects, and much more (hopefully)!

Want to start the discussion already? Join the mailing list at or drop in to the IRC channel on the Freenode network

If you've got an IRC client, which supports the IRC URL, click irc:// otherwise, feel free to join us through at

How to get there

Remember, although this is listed with a Stockport Postcode, the venue for this event is within the M60, and closer to Manchester City Centre than Didsbury, with very frequent train and bus links, plus easy access to major routes into Manchester and Stockport.

  • By Train

Take the train from either Stockport (STP) or Manchester Piccadilly (MAN) to Heaton Chapel (HTC) train station which is approximately a 15 minute walk from the pub, or you can also get the train to Reddish North (RDN) station from Manchester Piccadilly, which is about a 30 minute walk away.

  • By Bus

If you want to get the bus, the 42A and 173 buses go right past the pub and the mill, while the 203 bus stops just up the road (at Holdsworth Square) and the 192 stops on Stockport Road (the A6).

* 42A Bus Timetable:
* 173 Bus Timetable:
* 192 Bus Timetable:
* 203 Bus Timetable:
  • By Car

For those in cars or who live nearby, here are two different maps of the same place by different organisation:


There's also a third map at the top of the Upcoming web page where the venue is listed.

The pub has an attached carpark and there are lots of nearby side streets.


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