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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "To be determined". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • ReCode Hackspace  + (The is no current member fee. Our hackspace goes by donation only.)
  • Columbia Gadget Works  + (The membership fee is $30/month. This gets you access to the space. Anyone can attend meetings and open events.)
  • Hackerspace-santacruzdosul  + (The membership is FREE But it can be changed when the hackerspace development project be finished.)
  • Syn2cat  + (The minimum membership fee for individuals is 9.5€/month. This is a minimum fee that should allow everyone to attend the hackerspace. The actual amount of your contribution is to be self-determined.)
  • DIY CAMPUS  + (The monthly membership fee is 0 to 20 Euro.)
  • Hacker Consortium  + (The price of membership is a one time application fee of $100.00, then $40.00 monthly.)
  • HackBerry Lab  + (The space is for use by Berry College students enrolled in the Creative Technology program. Fees are currently not required.)
  • Teesside Hackspace  + (The space will require our members to contribute an average subscription of £15/month to survive. For students, retirees or low income members the minimum subscription is £5/month.)
  • Kreitek  + (There is currently a monthly minimum of 10.00 EUR, which can be paid in cash or as monthly bank receipt. It is a voluntary and minimum contribution to maintain space.)
  • Main Line Hackerspace  + (There is currently no membership fee.)
  • IkMaak Maastricht  + (There is no defined fee, most ppl bring their own tools or work on the machines available.)
  • Subvert America  + (There is no fee.)
  • Rlyeh  + (There is no membership :), you can use the space for free, we ask for donations to keep the lab running)
  • Kodmården  + (There is no membership fee, although you must be a student of Karlstad university to apply for membership.)
  • Open Hack Space  + (There is no membership fee, we simply share the knowledge we have of manufacturing for free with other Hackerspaces.)
  • Hackers Lounge  + (This Space is for free, meeting is every Friday starting at 5pm.)
  • Ideas to Things Inc.  + (This information has yet to be decided.)
  • LBKhackerspace  + (This is NOT a hackerspace yet... just trying to find more people interested in it before i attempt to start one. If you are interested send me an email... Once I/ WE find enough people we might get this thing rolling.)
  • Odessahackerspace  + (This is NOT a hackerspace. I am looking for people in Odessa that might be interested in starting one.)
  • Hecospace  + (This is an anti-discriminatory place, why membership is free.)
  • Know Hacking,But no Hacking!  + (This is my personal hacking website.Which i created for those wanna browse internet safely.I am White hat hacker work for defensive purpose only.)
  • Omega Anomaly LLC  + (This is still in the planning and budgeting phase)
  • Projekt072  + (To Be Decided)
  • IdeaVault OPENLab  + (To be Open Soon. $150 Sign Up Fee, yearly
    To be Open Soon. $150 Sign Up Fee, yearly $100Per Month - Regular $75Per Month - Student (C/HS) $50Per Month - Student (JrH) Includes 3,000 SQFT Lab Full T-1, Wireless, Electrical, Water, Lunch Area, Common Area, Planning/Conference Rooms, Monthly Meetings (in separate banquet hall On-site), Quarterly Dinners for Members. Will Host project and idea build off's Help From Industry Experts. Copy Services, Computers and Printers. Will be adding 3D Scanner, 3D Printer, CNC Capabilities. Community Tools, Lockers for Memeber Tools. 24/7 Access, top of the line Security. Based at my building, where I have a total of 32,000 SQFT 2 Floors, Clean Facilities, Tons Of Parking, and Will host many tutorials, conferences and competitions. Guaranteed to be the most unique gadget/idea/hacker space you will ever find! Plus we sit on 5.4 Acres so outdoor/indoor, on-road(pavement)/off-road taste grounds available. email for more information and to sign up for our newsletter and updates including our grand opening.
    r and updates including our grand opening.)
  • Myjanky Protomake  + (To be announced and discussed with founding members. If you would like to be apart of the founding members, contact me immediately.)
  • SPARK Makerlab  + (To be decided)
  • B9  + (To be decided.)
  • BioCurious  + (To be determined USD)
  • Jefferson County Makers  + (To be determined.)
  • Rockford MakerSpace  + (To be determined. For now it is free or contribution-based.)
  • Fabtechspace  + (To be done)
  • HackUP  + (Totally Free.)
  • Missoula Makerspace  + (Two Free Community Days per week. Individual Memberships Closed. Company Sponsorship/Membership including 24/7 access starting at $1200/year.)
  • Ribbon Farm  + (Two levels of membership: free and 50 USD monthly)
  • SpaceLab1  + (Two levels. Both coworking. $100 if you teach a class, $150 otherwise. $50 a month for a desk. There is talk of adding some much lower non-coworking levels.)
  • Cordoba Maker Space  + (U$S 30)
  • Educación  + (US 5.00 year)
  • 4-H Robotics & Technology Club  + (US$10 per year for kids 5 - 19, adults free, project and materials fees extra.)
  • Null Space Labs  + (US$40 per month; guests are always welcome to drop in for free.)
  • Noisebridge  + (US$80 membership and US$40 for starving makers. Everyone (even non-members) are always welcome at Noisebridge.)
  • Tampa Hackerspace  + (USD 50 Member 100 Supporting Member)
  • Genspace NYC  + (USD $100 per month, free for students high school and under.)
  • Pirateship  + (USD $100-200/mo)
  • The Village Workshop  + (USD $150/month month-to-month, $125/month 1 year membership monthly autopay.)
  • Maanavta  + (USD $30 Monthly)
  • QueLab  + (USD $40 per month)
  • Quelab  + (USD $40 per month or family ($40 + $20 for additional household members))
  • TinkerTech  + (USD $55/month individual, $30/month student/teacher, $80/month family; quarterly and yearly pricing also available.)
  • GoodBandit  + (USD 100)
  • Blueseed  + (USD 1600/person/month)
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