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A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "N/a We are trying a membership base then go from there". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Mobile MakerSpace  + (Mobile Makers provides a place to engage m
    Mobile Makers provides a place to engage members to collaborate on innovative ideas and reaching goals. Members join together for the common use of tools, facilities, services, and knowledge to further the capabilities of each other and the community. Everyone is Welcome!
    r and the community. Everyone is Welcome!)
  • Mononoke  + (Mononoke is a virtual (invite only) hacker space.)
  • Urban Workshop  + (Month to Month: $175 Annual with 12 month payments: $125/month Annual Prepaid: $1392 ($116/month) Student/active military $99/month)
  • FabLab Tacoma  + (Month to month Community member: $125 Ann
    Month to month Community member: $125 Annual Community member: $99 Month to month Educator/Military: $89 Annual Educator/Military: $79 Month to month Student: $79 Annual Student: $69 Family (2 members) Annual: $138 Family (3 members) Annual: $177 Punch Card - 5 full days in FabLab: $150 See to sign up! to sign up!)
  • Baltimore's Under Ground Science Space (BUGSS)  + (Monthly Individual Membership $85 Teacher Membership $50/Mo Student Membership $25/Mo + 10 hrs work/month Yearly Individual $850 Teacher $500 Student $250 + 10 hrs work/month Associate $100)
  • Pardubice Hackerspace  + (Monthly 20USD, studend 10 USD.)
  • Base Istanbul  + (Monthly 20tl student,30tl regular.)
  • Maker Nexus  + (Monthly Hobbist membership: 150 USD Monthly Student membership: 100 USD Monthly Family-add-on per member: 50 USD)
  • Steam Labs  + (Monthly Membership (5 days a week) For Students - 2499 INR For Professionals - 4699 INR Weekend Membership - 2499 INR Sundays Only Membership - 1599 INR One Day Pass - 699 INR)
  • Machquadrat  + (Monthly between 20 and 30 EUR, supporters pay 31+ EUR)
  • Herts Hack Space  + (Monthly contributions to be discussed with members at our first members meeting)
  • KIKA  + (Monthly fee 20 eur.)
  • Gothenburg Hackerspace  + (Monthly lab fee for hardware/space usage + donations)
  • Collab  + (Monthly membership is $600 and includes a personal desk, 24 hour access and use of the facilities. We also have private studios which can be shared and they are $1500 per month. Soon we will have day rates.)
  • Bilbao Makers  + (Monthly payment or voluntary work in our activities)
  • Collexion  + (Monthly rates (no commitment) Student $5 General $20 Coworker $60)
  • CoLAB Cambodia  + (Monthly rates dependent on useage from $15 - 120 usd.)
  • Loop Coworking  + (Monthly, full time - 180USD)
  • The Maker Station  + (Monthly: $30 (Student), $60 (Maker), or $300 (Premium))
  • Laboratório Hacker de Campinas  + (More info: The access to the space is free. Members who pay 60 BRL/month (~18 USD) have a key.)
  • Makerspace Newcastle, by Core Electronics  + (Most workshops are free, some are $10 per session.)
  • Kokiri Lab  + (N/A)
  • TajurbaGah  + (N/A)
  • TheGizmoDojo  + (N/A - Still in development)
  • Gulfport, MS  + (N/A Though my previous dues for the Omaha Maker Group are 15 to be a member and 35 to be a key holder. It would all depend on the number of members and the cost of rent and insurance for the space.)
 (N/a We are trying a membership base then go from there)
  • Hickory Hackers Space  + (N/a We are trying a membership base then go from there.)
  • DMZ Sydney  + (N00b (casual user) $10/week - Few inclusio
    N00b (casual user) $10/week - Few inclusions. Skiddie (part-time user) $33/week - Includes unlimited access to area of choice, guest invite, shared workspace. h4x0r (full-time user) $73/week - Includes unlimited access to all areas, free guest invite, 24 hour access 1337 (resident / startup) $200/week - Includes unlimited access, multiple guests, permanent workspace, 24 hour access, reception, storage *All payments in AUD Memberships must be paid by Direct Debit, upfront, or in cash with a 1 month bond $20 Joining fee covers cost of membership card which is also the venue access card and payment system. Casual visits starting at $5/hr if accompanied by a member. Discounts available for students, unemployed, startups, or those helping out.
    nemployed, startups, or those helping out.)
  • ..::c0re1ndustries::..  + (NA)
  • Iron Tribe  + (NA)
  • GIST Lab  + (NA)
  • Morgantown Makers Movement  + (NA)
  • Taipei Hackspace  + (NT$ 1000/month)
  • Radix Hacklab  + (NULL)
  • Tangleball  + (NZ$15 per week.)
  • South West Makers  + (Nil (for now))
  • SinCitySlackers  + (No Fees at the time.)
  • QuickSilver space  + (No cost to join this hackerspace)
  • HacroEvolution  + (No current membership fee, No rented or purchased. Membership in the group is for coordinating meetups, help with garage-labs & collaborative use of available facilities.)
  • Hardware Hack Lab  + (No fee)
  •  + (No fee Hackers from around the world. Servers in 8 countrys)
  • NuclearHackerSpace  + (No fee as yet, maybe never)
  • Jacksonville Alabama LMH  + (No fee for now.)
  • Flagstaff Hackerspace  + (No fee yet...)
  • HackEns  + (No fee, but since its a student club of th
    No fee, but since its a student club of the ENS, it's kind of complicated to be a member if your not from the school. It is however possible to become a member of the "Association des élèves de l'ENS" for 50€ if you're not from the school and then be a member of Hackens. This was the official administrative gibberish, anyone can come for free ;-).
    e gibberish, anyone can come for free ;-).)
  • LABOR Luzern  + (No fee.)
  • Tracy CA Hacker Space  + (No fees are currently set.)
  • FBHS  + (No fees currently)
  • Port Harcourt Hackerspace  + (No fees.)
  • Wukong Club  + (No fees.)
  • Simon's Room  + (No fixed fee. We collect money only for projects.)
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