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A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "Membership is R500/month (ZAR)". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Oxford  + (Members choose how much to support the space. Guideline is £20 or more, monthly (GBP). Some pay up to £40, and the minimum for membership is £10.)
  • Hatch  + (Members of the space have a minimum monthl
    Members of the space have a minimum monthly of 50 RON (~15 euro), which means full access to equipment, parts and material and also voting rights. "Anyone is welcome, but that doesn't make them a member. Members are those proud few that support the space actively."
    roud few that support the space actively.")
  • Makers Local 256  + (Members set their own donation amounts, and are requested to make the consistent donation every month.)
  • İzmir Hackerspace  + (Members: 30 TRY Students: 20 TR)
  • Make Salt Lake  + (Membership $50 per month for full access.)
  • Tech Valley Center of Gravity  + (Membership Tiers: Coworking: $50/month. 2
    Membership Tiers: Coworking: $50/month. 24/7 access to open desk space, wifi, and printer; no Technology Zone equipment usage. Maker: $60/month. Access M-F 5:30 - 10 pm, Weekends 10 am - 10 pm. Use of equipment in all Technology Zones following orientation. Super Maker: $100/month. 24/7 Access. Use of all equipment in Technology Zones following orientation. Prototyper: $150/month. 24/7 access to Makerspace AND The Prototyping Center. Priority on Prototyping Center machines, 25% discount on Prototyping Center equipment use rates. Associate: $50 Annual Dues. Purchase day passes for one-time use at $25 each. Day pass access is M-F 9 am - 9 pm; Weekends 10 am - 9 pm. Use of all equipment in Technology Zones following orientation. Thinqubator: $25/month/adult. THINQubator access only for 1 adult with up to 2 children 12 and under. Access M-F 8 am - 8 pm, Weekends 10 am - 8 pm
    ess M-F 8 am - 8 pm, Weekends 10 am - 8 pm)
  • West Coast Makers  + (Membership at the moment is free.)
  • Quantum Tech Club  + (Membership costs £10 per year. We welcome non-members at our meetings - membership is not a condition of attendance. Attendance at meetings is £1.50 for members and £3 for non-members.)
  • Hacker Space Seoul  + (Membership fee depends on activity within community. 10manwon (apps. 100dollar) for general members, 3.5 to 5 manwon(35$ to 50$) for associate members - both Monthly)
  •  + (Membership fee is 150 DKK/month (75 if you are a student))
  • Danbury Hackerspace  + (Membership fee should be $50 (USD) monthly for hackers, and coworking starts at $50 per month.)
  • Ithaca Generator  + (Membership fee varies by access privileges; lowest fee is $20/month.)
  • Make arkansas (working title)  + (Membership fee will be under $50 bucks)
  • (Kozani Linux User's Group  + (Membership fee: 20 Euro/yearly.)
  • 5Stones  + (Membership fee:¥5000RMB( $700USD)/year)
  • NI Hackerspace  + (Membership fees are still to be determined based on initial membership and initial donations.)
  • Paradygm  + (Membership fees aren't written in stone. At this point it has been funded primarily by the musical events and 1 member. More specifics to come.)
  • Claremont Makerspace  + (Membership fees range from $45 to $112 a month depending on hourly access)
  • ONSP  + (Membership for the time being is free as the group needs to grow and become established.)
  • Aiki lab  + (Membership include 24/7 access to the hackerspace, Youth and/or Student Members: 512 SYP Monthly, Regular Members: 1024 SYP Monthly, Hotdesk Members: 2048 SYP Monthly, Resident Members: 5120 SYP Monthly)
  • Vers  + (Membership includes a room (for living) and cost an average of 280 Euro a month.)
  • Squidwrench  + (Membership is $25/month plus at least one contribution to the space every three months.)
  • Ctrl-h  + (Membership is $40/month. You can join through paypal, the meetup group – and we provide other options (even bitcoin). With membership you get 24/7 access.)
  • Skövde Makerspace  + (Membership is 300 SEK / year. Lab access is 300 SEK / month. We accept Swish payments.)
  • Open Labs  + (Membership is Free as in Free Beer but donations are encouraged.)
  • Maker Station  + (Membership is a once off fee of 23USD Workspace access starts at 16USD per day for a 4square meter cubicle, and access to workshops from 16USD per hour.)
  • SkullSpace  + (Membership is currently $40 CAD per month regularly, $20 CAD per month for full-time students.)
  • GeekWine  + (Membership is currently free. If we have courses or group projects we ask that you provide your own tools/supplies.)
  • Dragonhack (Carmarthen Hackerspace)  + (Membership is currently £25 GBP payable monthly.)
  • What the...  + (Membership is free)
  • Hackerspace Jaragua  + (Membership is free)
  • FOSS Labs  + (Membership is free for students of all local schools, teachers and IT professionals. There is a projects moderation.)
  • Geekwine  + (Membership is free to attend, we may have projects that require purchasing beforehand. Tools like soldering irons and drills ect will be on hand.)
  • Greenbelt MakerSpace  + (Membership is free. We are open to the public six days a week.)
  • Herejia  + (Membership is open to residents and invited hackers. There is no membership fee as the time of this writing.)
  • Makeville  + (Membership is paid Monthly in USD Bronze,Free Silver,$100 Gold,$200 Corporate,$350)
  • Southackton  + (Membership is via So Make It - pay what you think the space is worth, min £5/mo. We require an average of £20/mo per member in order to stay alive.)
  • ToTally Fab Lab  + (Membership requirements, including fees, are currently under discussion.)
  • Biznet Techspace  + (Membership start from IDR 1.000.000 - 4.000.000/month For Office Space rent from IDR 16.000.000 - 20.000.000/month For Meeting Room start IDR 300.000/hour and IDR 1.500.000/day)
  • Ventura/Oxnard Area Hackerspace  + (Membership structure not established)
  • Hackspace Peru  + (Membership: Free)
  • AssentWorks  + (Memberships are discounted for annual commitments and/or volunteering. Fees are all in Canadian dollars. CA$100.00 for Community Membership CA$350.00 for Business Membership (4 Member Fee))
  • Club Workshop  + (Memberships range from $339 for a punch pa
    Memberships range from $339 for a punch pass (21 punches in a pass, 2 punches for <2hrs, 3 punches >2 hrs). <br /> $149/mth for 3 month commitment<br /> $129/mth for 6 month commitment<br /> $99/mth for a 12 month commitment<br /> Staffed & open 7 days a week!<br /> M-F 9am-11pm,<br /> S-S 8am-11pm.<br /> Full Woodshop w/ CNC Router, Metal Shop with Lathe, CNC & Manual Mills etc., Auto Bays +++.
    NC & Manual Mills etc., Auto Bays +++.)
  • Treasure Coast Maker Space  + (Memberships start at $100, discounts for vets, families, students, etc.)
  • Club Cyberia  + (Memberships starting at $40/mo, group memberships available)
  • Catalyze  + (Memberships vary based on type. They start at US$145 for part-time shop access.)
  • Mobile MakerSpace  + (Mobile Makers provides a place to engage m
    Mobile Makers provides a place to engage members to collaborate on innovative ideas and reaching goals. Members join together for the common use of tools, facilities, services, and knowledge to further the capabilities of each other and the community. Everyone is Welcome!
    r and the community. Everyone is Welcome!)
  • Mononoke  + (Mononoke is a virtual (invite only) hacker space.)
  • Urban Workshop  + (Month to Month: $175 Annual with 12 month payments: $125/month Annual Prepaid: $1392 ($116/month) Student/active military $99/month)
  • FabLab Tacoma  + (Month to month Community member: $125 Ann
    Month to month Community member: $125 Annual Community member: $99 Month to month Educator/Military: $89 Annual Educator/Military: $79 Month to month Student: $79 Annual Student: $69 Family (2 members) Annual: $138 Family (3 members) Annual: $177 Punch Card - 5 full days in FabLab: $150 See to sign up! to sign up!)
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