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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "EUR 25 monthly (regular members)<br /> EUR 10 monthly (reduced)". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • "Portsmouth Makerspace"  + (Currently there is no fee, as meetings have not taken part yet and there is no venue currently. Once this is arranged then a fee will be discussed with the group.)
  • MakersBase  + (Currently there is no membership fee, just a small price to rent the machines)
  • LAB 244  + (Currently there is no membership fee, the space is funded by the university.)
  • Hackerspace Natal  + (Currently there is no membership fee, there are events in a space hosted by a company.)
  • NerdBridge  + (Currently there is no membership fee.)
  • 3HACK.PL  + (Currently there is no monthly membership fee. We charge only for the actual meetings, usually in a donation format. We organize 1-2 meetings monthly, we're super happy with every donation exceeding 10PLN per participant.)
  • Chillicothe.Labs  + (Currently this is an attempt to form a com
    Currently this is an attempt to form a community in the area, and eventually build a hackerspace. There are a few participants from other areas, but at the moment this gathering is IRC only. Please come join us on IRC and eventually we will begin to get this off the ground!
    we will begin to get this off the ground!)
  •  + (Currently under Development and looking for more members)
  • Hal9k  + (DKK 150/month DKK 75/month (students))
  • Open Space Aarhus  + (DKK 200 per month for voting members, DKK 100 per month for voting members with a valid student ID, free for non-voting members)
  • RnDx2  + (Daily: $35 Weekly: $75 Monthly: $150)
  • JMoon MakerSpace  + (Day Delight Membership Fee: INR 700/- Memb
    Day Delight Membership Fee: INR 700/- Membership Duration: 1 Day Wild Weekend Membership Fee: INR 1200/- Membership Duration: 1 Weekend Week Wright Membership Fee: INR 3500/- Membership Duration: 7 Days Fortnight Fun Membership Fee: INR 6000/- Membership Duration: 15 Days Mad Month Membership Fee: INR 11500/- Membership Duration: 1 Month Barebone Builder Membership Fee: INR 2500/- Payment Mode: Monthly Membership Duration: 1 year Monthly Making Membership Fee: INR 9000/- Payment Mode: Monthly Membership Duration: 1 Year Student Discount: 10% Quarterly Quest Membership Fee: INR 23000/- Payment Mode: Quarterly Membership Duration: 1 Year Student Discount: 10%
    hip Duration: 1 Year Student Discount: 10%)
  • Sheffield Hardware Hackers and Makers  + (Day membership - £4 on the door Membership for scheduled meetings - £50/year Keyholder membership - £250/year)
  • Bureau.D  + (Depends on what you want, normally SFR 25 per day or SFR 450 per month, but this is negotiable.)
  • M4Reactor  + (Desktop Fabrication: $35/mo or $350/yr Full Shop: $50/mo or $500/yr)
  • Eyebeam  + (Doesn't have membership in the sense as used here, due to not being a regular hackerspace)
  • North West Valley TechLab  + (Don't know yet)
  • Don's Open Brain House  + (Donation)
  • SOPO Hackerspace  + (Donations of any kind to start, all going to rental and equipment. Members wanted to plan a larger space.)
  • Bloominglabs  + (Dues are $40 monthly, starving hacker rate available on a case-by-case basis.)
  • Neuron  + (Dynamic membership: 3,000 RUR (no fixed workplace)<br />Static membership: 10,000 RUR (fixed workplace))
  • MAKE RIGA  + (EUR 10 for a basic membership without 24/7 access. EUR 5 for a day pass EUR 75 for a permanent seat at a table in the coworking room + 24/7 key)
  • C-base  + (EUR 17 monthly)
  • Freies Labor  + (EUR 20 (regular), EUR 10 (reduced))
  • Usr/space  + (EUR 20/Month; Quaterly, semiannual, annually)
 (EUR 25 monthly (regular members)<br /> EUR 10 monthly (reduced))
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