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Fill in basic information of this Hackerspace:
Insert the name of a previously uploaded Logo, or upload a new one here.

Upload file

Insert the English name of the country. Don't use shortcuts.

Insert the English name of the state or province if available. Don't use shortcuts. Shortcuts have to get filled into the field "region code" coming later.

Insert the English name of the city. Don't use shortcuts.

Insert the date when the hackerspace got founded.

Geographic coordinate in latitude/longitude; the exact form is signed decimal degrees of any precision, separated by a comma and no space.

Give the number of members:

How much does the membership fee cost. Give the currency (ie. USD), payment mode (ie. monthly/yearly) and other information.

Fill in the size of your rooms and add the unit (ie. m² or ft²).

What is the current status of this hackerspace?

Is your hackerspace open to exchanges?

Does your hackerspace offer or accept residencies?

What is the email contact for exchanges/residencies? (Write down even if same as default contact)

Fill in Web Addresses
URL of the Website: property "|site= "
URL of the Wiki: property "|wiki= "
IRC URL: property "|irc= "
Jabber URL: property "|jabber= "
Matrix (#room:example.com): property "|matrix= "
Phone Number: property "|phone= "
SpaceAPI (json): property "|spaceapi= "
News Feed (Atom/RSS): property "|feed= "
Youtube URL: property "|youtube= "
Eventbrite URL: property "|eventbrite= "
Facebook URL: property "|facebook= "
Ustream URL: property "|ustream= "
Flickr URL: property "|flickr= "
Twitter URL: property "|twitter= "
GooglePlus URL: property "|googleplus= "
Diaspora* ID: property "|diaspora= "
Email URL: property "|email="
Mailinglist URL: property "|maillist= "
Calendar Feed URL (ical): property "|ical= "

Note: If there is no URL, or if you want the mail address without the @ sign, keep the field blank. After you have saved the changes, edit the source without form and add the property including the whitespace manually to the hackerspace template.

Fill in the snail-mail (postal) Address
Post office box: Street Address:
Region code: Postal code:

Free text:

Equipment in your Hackerspace


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