Solar oven engine creates free electricity

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Solar oven engine creates free electricity
Why Using fresnel lens dome and sealed solar oven create free electricity and power
Where anywhere in the world. Am located on East coast of U.S.A.
Who anyone interested
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using fresnel lens dome to heat sealed solar oven chamber. Water inside sealed solar oven creates steam that is vented out a tube with a turbine. Turbine spins and shaft has large gear that spins mabuchi 280 or mabuchi 555 generator. Joule thief used to light bright led. Idea is that people in sunny areas will be able to have free electricity to power pumps and bright lights. Power created by steam spinning turbine can be used to charge battery for use 24 hours a day. Device will float in water and have a float valve so that as the solar oven heating chamber vents steam the float valve will let the water into the chamber as the water level goes down inside the chamber. Using a peltier with seebeck effect also so that the hot stainless steel and the cool pond water or water in a tub will generate additional voltage. The solar oven generator will be recessed in a styrofoam block that floats on the water except for the area where the peltier is installed. Design includes six fresnel lens dome but can be bigger or smaller. Temperature at focal points of 7 inch by 10 inch fresnel lenses should be over 900 farenheit. Pictures available upon request. With a highly geared motor and trickle current should have many applications including pumping water, movement etc."