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Simple Circuit
Status building
Country United States of America
State or District Arkansas
City Fayetteville
Date of founding 2009/04/01
Last Updated 2010-11-18
Website Circuit
Snail mail

po box 10603
72703 Fayetteville
United States of America

Number of members 5
Membership fee $35 monthly
Location 36° 3' 45.33" N, 94° 9' 35.77" W

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we are at 26 W Center (corner of block and center) suites 207 & 209 in Fayetteville, Ar.

-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=The *NEEDS* LIST=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[edit]

   * more MEMBERS!
   * 2 Black King sized sheets for loung sofa / chair covers
   * 3 more cafeteria tables
   * chairs!
   * power strips
   * folding chairs
   * wall art
   * computers for general use (see workstation recycling below)
   * oscilloscopes
   * signal generators
   * misc cables
   * tools of all sorts
   * some kind of amp / speakers for music!
   * A fab@home or RepRap/CupCake CNC
   * Lots of Arduino's to hack with
   * Electronics parts of all kinds!
   * Ham Radio and associated antennas/ equipment

this is just the beginning but if this list could get out to who ever, i'm sure we can find it all. people should contact for more info or suggestions. we have had a great turn out of donations! Thanks everyone who has helped so far! so now we have *MOST* of a space ready to use. xxadraviaxx has painted the "lounge" green and black and gold (nice!) we have pegboards and tables out for project to happen on. a Dell poweredge server that now is our server running Ubuntu at the moment. The conference room has desks and various snack with a white board and space to set down for some of our Wifi!

We are now ready to take a few more members (we think we can support a total of 10).

as far as current projects, here is a quick list:

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Work Station Recycling Project=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  • we need to test, canabalize, and inventory a whole bunch of machines and boxes of hardware that is in the workshop room and storage closet.
  • We could build a few machines for the space to use or sell them for toy-money or if someone thinks of a better idea we should do that :)

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=RF Probe Project=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

  • have an multi directional antenna with built in rotor
  • have a scanner with all the scematics and test points needed
  • need freq.s of all relevent stations in area
  • need a DB table in rails project for "stations": geo-coords, callsign, timestamp, freq., id
  • need a table for each "reading": rotor position, geo-coords, timestamp, RSSI, id
  • need a javascript gmaps interface to plot mined "dopler-like" data
  • need an Atmega micro to control / interface via some serial (USB?)