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Server: Asterisk
Codec: ulaw
Callerid: 1000


To be on the hackerspace signal show there is three ways calling in:

  • To be in the studio at Rev-space.
  • To use skype and to start a voice conversation with one of the conference hosts.
  • Or the host calls your personal phone. (for technically impared or disconnected users)

To save money, freedom and bandwidth it may be usefull to connect to the hackerspace signal conference using a voice over IP client.


So lets try this VoIP thing. We are going to use a protocoll called IAX2. Its a great protocoll beacuse you dont have to open any NAT ports in your router. We want to use the application called kiax2. Point your web browser.

Download the version that matches your machine and operating system.

Mac OSX:



FreeBSD: (older version)

Download, extract and run the kiax executable.

Whats left now is to fill in the adress of the conference system and a voice codec.



  1. Find configuration window
  2. ...screenshot...
  3. Try!
  4. Set audio levels and try mic.