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SPARK Makerlab
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Status building
Country Estonia
State or District Tartumaa
City Tartu
Date of founding 2016/07/20
Last Updated 2016-08-13
Snail mail

Narva maantee 3
51109 Tartu

Number of members 5
Membership fee To be decided
Size of rooms 150 m²
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? yes
Residencies Contact
Location 58° 22' 51.63" N, 26° 43' 49.07" E

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SPARK Makerlab IS A WORKSPACE in the MIDDLE of Tartu, where every maker, artist, builder, DIY (Do-it-yourself) enthusiast or just a curious person is welcome to make & create!

We offer You the opportunity to make almost anything You desire! In SPARK Makerlab You can hammer, weld, paint, 3D print, lasercut, CNC mill, jig saw (note the small caps!), fix a bike, draw, drill, model, piddle, edit movies, use an oscilloscope, build a stool or a drone, sew a dress and much more! Sounds like a TV commercial? Wait! There's more! In addition to hardware, we also provide you with necessary materials and electronic components. Plus! There are experienced people around who can advise You and if You're feeling hungry, there's a cafeteria right next to us and a comfortable sofa waiting for You in our leisure/kitchen corner. ​ But what's most important: SPARK MakerLab is a place where ​You can meet enthusiastic makers like Yourself!