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This program is devoted to allowing members of any hackerspace to have visiting member privileges at any other hackerspace. While reciprocal agreements currently exist between individual hackerspaces, this program is designed to allow for a hackerspace member to go anywhere else in the world and be given the privileges of a member at any other hackerspace.


All hackerspaces who wish to take part in this program must provide their members with a form of photo-identification, complete with a name and some sort of identifier, as well as contact info that can be used to further verify an individual's identity and membership at their home hackerspace.


This service should be freely accessible to all hackerspaces, since, as the name implies, the absorption of consumables costs for visiting members will be reciprocal with other members going to other hackerspaces.


By taking part in this program, members would agree to hold harmless and blameless their host hackerspace. Liability for materials, property, or tools damaged, lost, or stolen, shall rest with the visiting member, who shall be subject to all disciplinary rules of the host hackerspace. Should enforcement of these prove impossible, their home hackerspace, which should be notified of the incident anyway, will be given all evidence, and shall arbitrate disciplinary action as though the offense had occurred at the member's home hackerspace, with any compensation, fine, or fee assessed going completely to the wronged host hackerspace.

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