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ReCode Hackspace
Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City Pendleton

Date of founding


Last Updated 2011-03-21





Snail mail

1914 S. E. Court Ave Pendleton OR
97801 Pendleton
United States of America

Number of members


Membership fee

The is no current member fee. Our hackspace goes by donation only.

Size of rooms

~350 ft²

Location 45° 40' 8", -118° 45' 5"

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ReCode. ReThink, ReImagine, ReMake, ReConnect, and be. This is the process of finding the things that don't work in your life and hacking them through a process of changing perceptions. This extends to devices in our surroundings. We hack them to add functionality. We modify them to add uniqueness. In some cases even beauty. We hack things to make them more a part of ourselves.

ReThink: In a program when there is bad code, it is rewritten. They ReCode the script and the program functions better. What really stops us from seeing our own mind the same way? If we find ourselves in a bad situation, we take apart the elements of it. Those being things like location, people who are present, any judgment affecting substances, and so on. Now consider all of the bad elements as parts of a viral entity. They are toxic to you because they make your life more difficult. Treat these things as you would a virus on a computer. Remove them and ReCode yourself in the process. Seek only relationships that you can benefit from. In those you will find you are of equal benefit to that element of your program that is life.

ReImagine: Now think about the things that have been stopping you from having all that you need. Think clearly about some ways you could achieve those things. Continue working your way back in such a fassion until you find a task that will lead to making another possible. If you find you can safely skip a step along this journey then do so. If your progress has been so great, it would ne senseless to ignore the oppertunity to advance.

ReMake: We have now a plan to move forward. Put your thoughts into action. Folow the plan unless something changes to make it unsafe or even impossible. If you take a moment to ReMake your plan the same way you did before, you can continue to move forward uninhindered. Nothing can stop you with a few ReCode's along the way.

ReConnect: Engage the world around you. It is your tool for survival. If you cannot exist in it you must ReCode else you will die alone and likely in much pain. This would be a sad fate for anyone. How could we ever wish such a thing on ourselves? We are interactive beings and we have that need. Fine at least one person in your community that you can identify with and do your best to connect with that person. Make sure you leave your house at least once a week even if it's only for a walk around the block. The time of day you do this in should suit your liking. You would be surprised how many people are doing the same thing that you are.

Should you meet someone at this time engage them. Do not judge them at all. Look at the persons face and study it as they speak in reply to you. Be honest with yourself first but equally so with those you interact with. What you are may not seem like much to you. To the person your talking to, your cantor seems refreshing. This will generate enough interest to keep the conversation alive long enough to find out if there are any interests in common. Enjoy this time and the feeling your getting from it. Reflect on it for a moment after it is over. Think about what you've gained and what it cost you to obtain. Think of the new directions you can take and the possibilities those paths make possible.


Now be: This is how I live my life. I had the symbol registered as my trademark. The contract for it's use is as follows and don't worry it's short. Users of this trademark must under penalty of law abide by it's implied moral ethics. Failure to do so will result in a $20,000 lawsuit. It may not be used for commercial purposes. It is not to be bought or sold under any circumstances. If you paid monetarily for it's use than you have been swindled. It's sole purpose it to provide a clear view of it's user's code of ethics. ReCode icon terms of use ©1995 ©2000 ©2005 ©2010

Disclaimer: This emblem implies only a modus operandi and does not cover intent. Both the emblem and it's creator take no responsibility for any misdeed accomplished by following it's principals. The emblem itself is without intent. It is a tool for reasoning out ways to accomplish a goal an is indifferent to that goal being merely the process of thought involved.

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