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Status planned - inactive"planned - inactive" is not in the list (active, planned, building, closed, unknown, reformatting, suspected inactive) of allowed values for the "Hackerspace status" property.
Country The Netherlands
State or District Noord-Holland
City Amsterdam
Date of founding 2010/10/14
Last Updated 2011-08-15
E-mail codeasm@kernelpaniq.com
Snail mail

The Netherlands

Number of members 8
Membership fee Free at this moment, please ask us localy.

Maybe we meet at a local cafe, isnt it fun to join?

Location 52° 20' 13.38" N, 4° 55' 44.10" E

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Because of financial reasons we are shifting the plans for Qwerty. No meetings in the near few month. Feel free to contact me, im trying to see if we have new people or idea's :P