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Status closed
Country Sweden
State or District Stockholm
City Stockholm
Last Updated 2015-02-24
Snail mail

Sandelsgatan 14
115 34 Stockholm

Number of members 150-250 per year"-250peryear" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 150.
Membership fee 50 SEK / year (below 25 years old)

100 SEK / year (25 years and older)

Location 59° 20' 41.38" N, 18° 5' 24.11" E

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Proxxi is an environment where you can benefit in activities and interests in technology and gaming related areas. We've got decent computers, a lot of electronic stuff, tools and members with strong skills and connections in hackerstuff.

Day Activities
Monday LARP workshop, Electronics
Tuesday Go (game)
Wednesday No planned activity
Thursday Boardgames
Friday Game development workshop
Saturday Karaoke
Sunday Hackerday (programming, game develoment, webdesign etc)


This environment is maintained by two non-profit organizations, both are unofficially called Proxxi for historical reasons and membership overlap heavily.

The one officially named Proxxi is a gaming club, associated to Sverok(Lang:sv) (Wikipedia article). Since it's responsible for paying the rent, it changed its name (to Proxxi) to make it easier for contributors to validate the member count, it is the name of the place after all. The gaming club has no hackerspace interest.

The other one, officially named Ix, was previously named Proxxi and have also run the place in the past. Associated to Unga Forska Stockholm(Lang:sv) (The Swedish Federation of Young Scientists), it hosts all hackerspace activities and seeks funds for larger projects.