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Project Hub
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Status building
Country United States of America
State or District South Carolina
City Upstate
Last Updated 2013-09-30
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United States of America


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    Owners, Laney Alverson & Quintin Alverson, saw the need for a community of makers in the Upstate of South Carolina.  The Upstate is overflowing with talented engineers, mechanics, students, and artists, just to name a few.  We plan to provide a place where these talented individuals can come together as a whole to collaborate and innovate, with all the proper tools and equipment, building an even stonger community of makers.  We hope to bring out the "inner-maker" of everyone in the Upstate.
    We truly believe schools and the local maker community will understand, love, and enjoy the benefits of Project Hub.  After we establish one chapter in the county, we will expand to meet the demand for our services by establishing a larger hub for the county at the SBDC Incubator in Duncan, SC.  At this hub, we will provide room for overflow and include more specialized machinery. The larger hub will also have enough space to allow us to incubate businesses who hire members.   We will then expand by opening additional chapters in other areas throughout the state.  We also have to option to expand by adding other genres of work such as adding papercraft, glass & ceramics, and a chemical lab.  We also plan to use manufacturer’s materials for applications.  For example, they give us free/discounted prototype/excess materials they manufacture and we come up with new applications for their products and provide them with real world end user feedback.  After establishing ourselves in South Carolina, we plan to open additional workspaces in other states targeting college towns first, until we are providing this learning environment for everyone across the nation.  We hope to offer franchising opportunitities to existing makerspaces, allowing them to use our streamline business model.  
    Once we are large enough, a membership will provide access to all locations within the county/state.  All revenue will be collected, recorded, and sent to the county hub.  The revenue is then portioned out into six categories: County Network Overhead, Advertising, Upgrades, Chapter Awards, County Profit, and Company Profit.  The County Network Overhead funds will include rent, utilities, payrool, and replacement parts/materials.  The Advertising funds will go towards local advertising.  The Upgrade funds will allow us to purchase additional equipment requested by members.  The Chapter Awards funds will go to the winner of the county/national competitions held between chapters.  The County Profit funds will be a percentage of profit left after portioning out the rest of the revenue.  And finally, the company profit will be the percentage of profit that goes back to the top level of Project Hub (national/international).
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