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I am New to 3D technology and last 2012 Black Friday I received an offer from Printrbot (a 2011 Quickstarter success story) in my mail and spent my savings in a Printrbot+ kit. It took three weeks to ship to my present location in Queretaro, Mexico. The box had laser cut wood pieces, bolts, nuts, etc All what is needed (almost all) to assemble a 3D printer.

So this is how "hell" started: January 10, 2013...

I will describe my experience assembling this kit trying to make a contribution to others who have fallen in this.

Step One, PARTS I had to look all over the web for instructions from A to Z. Printrbot (from now on PB) web store has a non-sense to me Instructions page. First it is a good idea to print the bill of materials for the kit (present as a button in the Instructions page) and laser cut diagrams. For the Plus (+) there are built instructions in video and in writing (photos of the same video included). Beware, it is not a complete step by step work, it is done by the creator and he makes mistakes all over the process so you have to look at the 16 videos for the PLus (and 16 for the LC) before you grab a screw driver. So what to do? take several hours looking in forums and other "victims" instruction videos like Craig the fabricator. Take notes of everything yourself, write your own manual in a way. Note: A sarcastic comment here and there let me release the tention I fell about this experience.

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