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PotentialLabs Logo.png
Status suspected inactive
Country India
State or District Andhra Pradesh
City Hyderabad
Date of founding 2012/11/08
Last Updated 2023-11-26
Website http://potentiallabs.com
Facebook https://facebook.com/PotentialLabs
Twitter https://twitter.com/PotentialLabs
Snail mail


Number of members 4
Membership fee Free
Size of rooms 950 Square Feet
Open to Exchanges? maybe
Open to Residencies? yes
Location 17° 23' 22.98" N, 78° 27' 9.86" E

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Here, at this crazy labs, we believe in just one thing:

Everyone is gifted with so much potential which needs to be driven!!!

And so, here we are, helping you convert your potential energy to kinetic energy.

We’ve faced it, lack of resources, funds, equipment, guides, like minded people etc etc which are important to get your idea rolling. Now that we’ve some of them, we’d like to make sure you get rolling!!!

We’re a small research lab, but with lots and lots of potential in research areas including Android, Robotics, Integrating them both, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Embedded Systems, RTOS, VLSI, Cheaper and Affordable Electronics, OpenSource Dev, Philanthrophing, Sustainable Energy, 3D Motion Gestures etc etc etc. Huff…!!!

And on the ‘softer’ side, we’re also into Java, Google Web Toolkit, Windows Phone, HTML5, bit of PHP, Python (learning it now), .Net, JavaScript, Shell (plash – that’s our new shell, potentiallabs shell)

Yeah, we’re like mad mad tinkerers, playing with gadgets, controllers, components, boards and love to get hands-on every new technology.

At this first and only Hyderabadi Hackerspace, we encourage all makers and hackers to come together, play around on new gadgets and boards, share your projects, take/give sessions or just meet like minded people.

Membership is initially free and open to all :) Make use of our labs and community and hack away!