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Posttenebraslab logo.png
Status active
Country Switzerland

State or District


City Geneva

Date of founding


Last Updated 2016-01-30




+41 22 566 01 87







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Avenue de la Praille 36
1227 Carouge - Switzerland Geneva

Number of members


Membership fee

passive members: 20 CHF/month; active members: 100 CHF/month

Size of rooms

100 m²

Location 46° 11' 15", 6° 8' 0"

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Post Tenebras Lab is a hackerspace in Geneva, Switzerland.

Join us every tuesday at our weekly meeting, open to everyone.

Our space[edit]

Our 100 m² underground space which we are renting since april 2012 is divided into multiple rooms:

Main room:

PTL main.jpg

Conference room with space for 20 people:

PTL redrum.jpg

The workshop area with an electronics corner, kitchen and discussion area:

PTL main 2.jpg

A panorama of our main space (december 2012)


We have a calender with all upcomming events on our website. We also announce special event on our mailing list.

Weekly meeting[edit]

Feel free to come by every Tuesday night 19h00 for our weekly meeting! We usually try to cook something and you can always buy something to drink (softdrink / beer).

Since our space opened we are been open every Tuesday with only rare exception. You will find our address and instructions how to enter the building here:

Weekly meeting (practical info)

Coder Night[edit]

The idea is to have 1 or 2 talk about a programming topic. Then there is plenty of time to eat, discuss and maybe even do some programming !

Those event where originally planned to happen every month but are now fairly intermittent. If you are interesting in giving a talk or know someone, let us know.

Some past topics: 20 minute Unity 3D scripting primer, Power of parallel programming with OpenMP, How to rock the house with C++...

More information: (french). (if you don't understand French we recommend you inquire about the language the talk will be given in)

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