Ph-neutral 0x7da

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Ph-neutral 0x7da
ph-neutral 0x7da
Type of Conference
Start 2010/05/28 (iCal)
End 2010/05/30
Venue: Universal Hall Berlin
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Min Cost: 0 EUR0 USD <br />0 GBP <br />0 BTC <br />0 INR <br />
Max Cost: 0 EUR0 USD <br />0 GBP <br />0 BTC <br />0 INR <br />
Event in series ph-neutral

Important: If you want to get in, make sure you registered via their online form! It will, again, be an invitation-only party. Guests are invited due to the fact that they are known by the people who run the party or because they got recommended by another guest.

There is as usual the entry fee of exactly NULL Euro, so please have your change ready at the bar.