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Parker Concepts
Status building
Country US

State or District

New York

City New York

Date of founding


Last Updated 2013-12-11






Snail mail

 New York

Number of members


Membership fee

$150 - moth

Size of rooms



Open to Exchanges?


Open to Residencies?



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Who we are?

We are Parker concepts. A group of individuals looking to make the dreams of investors and entrepreneurs such as yourselves come to life. As a community of members who share a common passion for creating extraordinary things. We try to understand what makes this world move. We share the same hard work ethic that brings successful people together and allows them to progress. In order for these dreams to become reality, we are creating an environment built solely to accommodate the needs of hackers and tinkers in their ever striving goals to create and produce new and innovative ideas.

What we are?

We are a community designed to accommodate the needs of gifted innovators such as yourselves and allow access to all materials and equipment that will help them accomplish their individual as well as team projects. This community is a family and we work hard to help eachother further excel. The location will offer the opportunity of free knowledge and the ability to learn new skills and touch up on the old ones. Your ideal facility should include all the tools necessary to accomplish your goals. We would like to be your backbone and support your ideas. We are creating a physical community space for hacker and thinkers. Our facility is a workspace as well as a location for events, co-working, lectures, brainstorming and more. We welcome all visitors to come and utilize these tools and create ideas that can help move our world.

Our mission statement:

Our mission is to bring people together and allow them access to the equipment and raw materials required to invent new and innovative ideas in a an environment built to bring out the thinker in you.

Our expenses:

1. To rent 2000+ sq.feet for 3 month we need about $30 000 (If you know of any locations with better rates please don’t hesitate to contact us)

2. $15 000 will go on equipment:

3D Printers Desktop Laser Cutter Desktop CNC Mill Desktop Wire Bender Some furniture Drill guns Screw guns Sawzall Grinders for different surfaces Welding equipment Electrical soldering stations Arduino, Raspberi Pi and other compact DIY computer and automation systems Computers for development and for server needs Etc. the more we raise, the more we can afford 3. $5 000 on materials:

PVA and PVC plastic and resins for 3D printers Different kind of power supply Different types of plastic, wood, metal, glass, plexiglass and other materials for Laser Cutter and CNC Mill Diodes, transistors, resistors, capacitors, wires, silicon circuit boards and other materials for electronic prototyping Drills, blades, bids, screws, pins, wires, OMG there are so many of them, and we need them all “– leave it in that funky style” And of course protection tools: glasses, glows, face protectors, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc.

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