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Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City Fort Smith, AR

Date of founding


Last Updated 2011-03-10


(479) 310-0449

Snail mail

700 N 8th St
Ft Smith, AR-72901 Fort Smith, AR
United States of America

Number of members


Membership fee

Membership fees aren't written in stone.

At this point it has been funded primarily by the musical events and 1 member.

More specifics to come.

Size of rooms

1400 sq ft with 12.5' ceilings

Location 35° 23' 29", -94° 25' 4"

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Paradygm Shyft (so named because of the principle member but usually referred to as paradym or "the space") is a free form hackerspace offering meeting space, co-working space (in the near future), and also serves as a musical venue.

Located in the historical district, it is not too far from downtown Ft Smith.

Ages ago, the building used to be a grocery store.

Paradygm is NOT a non-profit organization nor is it a business effort. Its goal is simply to exist for the benefit of those who would appreciate its existence.

We have a 2 x 1200 watt amps and 6 15" speakers, a 16' x 8' stage as well as stage lights, and various house instruments and mics.

A projector screen is in the works, but for the time being we project on to the wall.

Donations of neat hardware and cash are certainly appreciated and highly encouraged.

We have a semi-shared kitchen and bathroom.

In need of:
folding tables (in good condition)
folding chairs (in good condition)
books to fluff the library
a bigger tv for the xbox360
an additional projector (our current one has a hotspot)
casters / furniture dollies (to make moving things easier)
a 10'+ ladder
of course, more hackers

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