PLUR code of conduct

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Code of conduct used for some in-person events

A guide for good vibes[edit]

  1. No discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism etc.) nor any kind of bullying.
  2. Be respecftul of other's opinions, beliefs and experiences.
  3. Allow everyone to define their own identity and let them decide for themselves.
  4. Be mindful to not assume anyone's gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, social status, wealth, health or possible sickness.
  5. Give everyone their own physical and mental space. Don't touch anyone without consent. Change your behaviour if asked to do so. Take responsibility for your words and behaviour. Understand that they affect others beyond your assumptions. Apologize for your mistakes and change your behaviour - as well as forgive and guide others.
  6. No violence (neither physical or verbal).
  7. Respect everyone's privacy. Don't record videos or take photos without consent.
  8. Look after your fellow humans. Help if somebody is in an unpleasant situation or is not feeling well. Notify organisers as well.
  9. Relax, everyone makes mistakes. Be gentle.

PLUR (Peace, love, unity, respect)