Open Labs projects TED Talks in Albanian

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Open Labs projects TED Talks in Albanian
Open Labs projects TED Talks in Albanian
Type of Talk
Start 28.08.2012
Homepage: Homepage
Venue: Open Labs
City: Tirana
Country: Albania

We are really happy to announce the start of a new series of events focusing on TED talks, which some of us consider the most inspirational piece of information on the universe, or at least the part of it that we are aware of. At the same time our team at Open Labs is translating the rest of the TED talks in Albanian in order to present them on a weekly basis. If you are interested on becoming part of the translation team don’t hesitate to contact us.

The projections of the talks will take place at our headquarters every Tuesday at 19.00 and the first one will be an amazing presentation from Philip Zimbardo focused on “The psychology of evil”. Don’t miss it!

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