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Open Design City
Status active
Country Germany
City Berlin

Date of founding


Last Updated 2011-03-25


Snail mail

Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20
10969 Berlin

Number of members

Core team 4, plus a varying number
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Membership fee

25 Euros/month membership.

Size of rooms

150 m²

Location 52° 30' 8", 13° 24' 44"

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Open Design City is a makerlab/hackerspace/fablab in Berlin, Germany. It is located on the ground floor of betahaus, the biggest coworking space in Berlin. We are in beta ourselves, trying to find out how to run a hackerspace and encourage others.

The core team/founders besides betahaus are bausteln, palomar5 and Mechatronikwerkstatt Berlin.

Here's the official mission statement:

"Open Design City is more than a workshop, it is a collaboration space in which new relationships and projects will be formed between its citizens. Open Design City is a space that encourages the sharing of tools, knowledge, ideas and skills. It is a space to explore the principles of Open Design.

Open Design is design for the commons. Products that people are free to make, adapt, modify and build upon. The barriers to entry and access should be minimal. Open design products by their nature should be delivered in beta, perceived not as complete but continuously evolving, in dialogue with the user and the world.

To this end Open Design citizens should seek to share their work with the world according to the above principles. We shall be exploring with you new methods of monetisation and reward, and will support you in this quest.

The guideline for Open Design City is one word.


Share yourself Share your tools Share your time Share your ideas"

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