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In attendance:[edit]

  • Leah, Devin, Drew, Austin

What we did:[edit]

  • discussed stuff we individually want to work on, jammed on each idea for a while (via conversation and etherpad), synthesized priorities that seemed like we all had affinity around, noted who wanted to either bottomline or work on each project for next week, then cooked food, drank beer and hung out for a while and “bonded” ;)


  • next meeting is Friday 12pm*? at Drew’s place in Greenpoint
  • we are okay with listing our names (first name only!) in the notes, but will subject all notes to redaction before posting on the wiki

Action Points:[edit]

The following are projects that seemed to have general resonance with the group, with bottomliners noted

  • Collaborative/social work platform
    • Drew: likes this! and will do some stuff about it?
  • Space Acquisition
    • Devin: look into 33 flatbush, reporback (if good: inventorying and logistics project)
    • Leah: make community agreements
    • All: read freespace documentation
  • Crown Heights/Brooklyn Wiki
    • Austin: document what it takes to start an instance on the platform, put it on our wiki page
    • Leah/Austin: research existing NYC*area wiki projects
  • Real Estate Research/Mapping
    • Austin: document property ownership research workflow (how to use oasis, ACRIS, property tax map, etc.)
    • Leah?: help Austin make that into a local wiki article
  • Anyone Interested: help Austin translate that workflow into a ruby script
  • Logistics
    • Austin: share bike delivery agency google apps script
    • Drew: help Austin get on github and give it a GPL license
  • Coding
    • Drew/Austin: colab on phenological clock js project
  • Alt Currency:
  • Devin: document points project, share with group

Discusion Notes:[edit]

Leah wants to work on:[edit]

  • community agreements & other work
  • help Devin w/ points
  • in general: education k*12
  • charters, testing
  • rise of open curricula online
  • wants to map a course from the present to the future (including pitfalls)

Devin wants to work on:[edit]

  • "points" currency system
  • share doc so we can all get more context
  • there's a blog post:
  • dfn: "currency cartel" an international franchising authority run by the bank of international settlements ([1]) that allows governments to have exclusive authority to provide currencies w/in their jurisdiction
  • arc38 (upstate farm)
    • 33 flatbush
  • use van to clear 2nd floor, get space
  • where to take it? materials for the arts, arc38?
  • question/of governance & access:
  • sticking point last time
  • turn it into CLT
  • action points
  • > read and discuss [freespace] toolkit [2].pdf
  • > work on CLT proposal for Al
  • > inventory stuff to move
  • > inventory vehicles and other moving assets (people, etc.)
  • >
  • > make moving logistics plan
  • > finalize space*booking system for al (civi booking: [3])
  • BK space cataloguing

Drew wants to work on:[edit]

  • home energy audit interactive worksheet site
  • wants feedback on tools that might be useful (avoid redundancy)
  • using jeckyl (might use js to output printable checklist ** trying to avoid necessity of login/db records)
  • set up hosting order on may 1 to get us a website (email list?)
    • entrepeneureal coaching / computer literacy trainings
  • focused on clusters of friends from our neighborhood
  • goal of building collaborative working relationships rooted in comunities of color?
  • ways to interact w/ and keep tabs on other groups
  • some sahana tools for this?
    • setting up a website that allows us to communicate w/ each other
  • phenological clock
  • takes google spreadsheet data of ecosystem (blooming, migrations, flaura/fauna events, etc.)
  • in js/ google sheets
  • austin collabo

Austin wants to work on:[edit]

  • showing/telling delivery google script
  • > choose license
  • > put on github
  • > demo
  • space mapping and/or 33 flatbush
    • brooklyn / crown heights wiki
  • article ideas:
  • homeless shelter tunnel system
    • property ownership research
  • document research process
    • > what platform?
  • for now: gonna put it on openset wiki on (ag)
    • long*term: pediacities?, BKwiki?,
  • ag: talk to nathan storey (learn python?)
  • scraper script: drew might help
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