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In Attendance:

  • [redacted]

Next Meeting:

  • Sunday 1/5, 2pm @ [redacted]



  • {open}set
  • riffs it allows: {open}setwork, {open}setters, {open}setterupers, {open}setups, {craft}set, {code}set, {data}set, {ready}set.go!, etc..
  • log of brainstorming that produced this name


  • Side project status for now. The larger group can think of it as an auxiliary asset available for occasional uses that wouldn’t be compatible with living rooms (eg: sawing things, doing stuff with tools, etc.)
  • People who are still really interested in it can actively pursue sprucing it up and bring ideas for its use back to the larger group. (Right now, said people include Austin, Devin, and Drew)

2 track structure:[edit]

(1) People Track

  • continue to build a group of people with shared interest in both (a) making things together and (b) finding a permanent space to facilitate doing that more easily
  • meet every week at rotating people’s homes for open*ended making/learning sessions
  • draft structure for making/learning sessions: (a) stand in a circle and everyone proposes something they want to learn/work on, (b) self*organize into breakouts around work/learning threads, (c) work and learn for a few hours, (d) report back to group
  • tentative schedule: meet every sunday at 2pm for long*ish sessions

(2) Space Track

  • run a “campaign” with the explicit goal of acquiring space for the group within a finite timeline and clear, specific milestones
  • meet every (other?) week at someone’s home to have a tight, short capital*m meeting about the campaign
  • first project: make inventory of available spaces in Crown Heights with taxonomy of features and access requirements
  • draft structure: mostly driven through work between meetings, meetings give folks a chance to check in and offer points of entry to new folks who want to get involved
  • tentative schedule: every other wednesday (or as needed) from 8pm*10pm

Flow Chart[edit]

  • Let’s make a flow chart of the above! Leah and Drew will take the lead!

Community Agreements[edit]

  • Let’s have them, but not spend months fussing over them without doing anything! Leah will take the lead on finding models for us to adopt with minor tweaks


  • Let’s have a discussion list and an announcements lists! We can figure out the details next time. (May First, riseup,, etc..)



  • Space spreadsheet (propose columns)
  • People list (create newsletter email list)
  • Wiki * wagneering?


  • Summarize and share structure decision
  • Send notes and source materials to Leah and add them to wiki


  • Make and share order of operations flowchart
  • Find and share model community agreements
  • Send out notes and announce next meeting


  • Change name of wiki
  • Help Leah w/ flowchart


  • Set up discussion Listserv
  • Redact names from note on Wiki (?)
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