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In attendance:[edit]



  • Wide-ranging discussion over dinner
  • People seem to like the idea of an inclusionary space for non-experts to do and learn stuff
  • Not calling it a “hacker” space and opening it explicitly to other uses besides coding and tech (gendered male and exclusionary) might help in that regard
  • Meeting every week to do and learn stuff seems like a good place to start
  • Trying to figure out how to make the basement a place we like seems like a good first project
  • Having a wiki with lists for stuff we want to learn and teach and projects we want to work on seems good too

Next Steps[edit]

Next Meeting 'Saturday, December 28, Noon at The Cupcakes Basement'

There will be food, and it will be our first co-learning session. the subject of the co-learning session is "how to make this basement feel like a place we want to be in a lot." Topic 1: how to make a dehumidifier out of an air conditioner.

To do before the meeting:

  • make a page on (done!)
  • everyone, go to that page, and add:
    • things you can learn and teach
    • projects you want to work on
    • objects you want or have for the space
    • dehumidifier considerations

A few other next steps we talked about:

  • group scavenging trip(s) for materials -- [redacted] have car(s)
  • pick up dehumidifier from [redacted] next saturday morning
  • you can ask for help editing the wiki if you don't know how!
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