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In attendance:[edit]

  • Leah, Drew, Devin, Thiago, Austin

Next sesh[edit]

  • 11am*6pm Friday, 11/17
  • Austin’s place (1407 Dean St., Ground Flr)

Things we did:[edit]

  • We got a domain! (
  • Drew taught Austin how to use git and Austin documented it
  • Drew shared the cool project management tool he’s been making with wagn (wagn is an open source, semantically structured, wiki*like knowledge sharing tool that everyone seems to like) and got feedback from folks
  • Drew set up a wagn wiki/projects page on our website (
  • Devin and Drew talked about setting up reseller hosting accounts
  • Leah and Austin talked about documenting the workflow for property ownership research methods (on the new wiki) and beginning to adapt that workflow into a ruby script
  • Thiago shared this lovely dance video
  • We ate delicious sandwiches!

Action Points:[edit]

  • Austin sends notes
  • Leah and Austin do side meeting to work on property research documentation (holler if you want to join us!)