New York Hacking Society

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New York Hacking Society
Status suspected inactive
Country United States
State or District New York
City New York City
Date of founding 2008/05/01
Last Updated 2020-08-08
Snail mail

 New York City
United States

Number of members 12
Membership fee None
Size of rooms 800 ft^2
Location 40° 45' 35.53" N, 73° 59' 27.71" W

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We are a private "hacking space", where we differ from the other spaces on this site is that we only concern ourselves with breaking the security of software, operating systems, and hardware. We also occasionally host invite-only parties, coding contests, etc. If you're looking for other like-minded folks to share your advanced security research with shoot us an email to introduce yourself. NOTE: We appreciate those who want to learn actual hacking, but please do some work on your own first...learn RFC2616, learn assembly, learn something ;)