NeuroGenPhyEngPer Lab

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NeuroGenPhyEngPer Lab
Status suspected inactive
Country Germany
State or District Berlin
City Berlin
Date of founding 2014/09/28
Last Updated 2020-07-30
49 / (0)30 /5315 8214
Snail mail

Silbersteinstraße 122
12051 Berlin, Germany Berlin

Number of members 1
Membership fee Free
Size of rooms EW3,90xNS5,40cm EW4,30xNS4,40cm EW2,45xNS3,70cm
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? yes
Location 52° 27' 56.60" N, 13° 25' 30.08" E

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I could use some unemployed or retired people in the area with following professions: Psychology, Neurology, Physics, Programmer, Mathematicians, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers AND last but most important Geneticists. People can stay here almost for free. Meaning you have to do food runs yourself.