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Monroe County Hackerspace
Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City Madisonville

Date of founding


Last Updated 2011-09-24


1 423.665.9352




Snail mail

325 englewood rd
37354 Madisonville
United States of America

Number of members

35.514195° N, 84.366726° W
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Location 35° 30' 51", -84° 21' 59"

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I use a zip code other than my own. If you are interested in working on projects pertaining to computer hardware and other technical devices and wish to do so with like minded people and you are in or around the Monroe county area then I have secured the entire 2nd story on my moms house and she is allowing me to start a hackerspace within it. There is a bathroom and running water, a kitchen, television, wireless highspeed internet, and electricity. I am 18 years of age, and hacking for me is all I really have in my life, it would be great to know I am not alone. If you do come I am in need of either drop cords or a 6 outlet surge protector if you wish to work on multiple projects at once due to there being only 1 outlet per room. There are 4 rooms, one of which is being used as storage space, but it has a power outlet and could easily have a drop cord ran from it to the near living room which is fairly the largest of the 4 rooms. Please no arrogance or drugs or alcohol, tobacco is perfectly fine with me though. I live directly beside a police station, so if you are planning to come kill me or whatever sick plan you may have, you will not get far. We are very good people and only wish other very good people come to this hackerspace. Please, no children without an adult present.

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