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Status suspected inactive
Country Croatia
City Rijeka
Last Updated 2021-07-26
IRC irc://
Snail mail

Delta 5/I (bivši IVEX) 1. kat
51000 Rijeka

Number of members 10
Membership fee Free
Location 45° 19' 24.03" N, 14° 26' 53.63" E

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Hacklab Rijeka[edit]

  • Za informacije na hrvatskom jeziku posjetite naš wiki.
  • News, announcements and all other information can be found on our wiki.
  • Meetings ("skill sharing") every wednesday at 18h in "Molekula" (Delta 5/I - former IVEX building, first floor).

Molekula is a space shared by a collective of organizations (art, media, writers, hackers...). Our(hackers) main program at the moment is "skill sharing" (razmjena vještina), which also takes place in other cities in our country and further: Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Skopje... (more about "skill sharing" below). Beside "skill sharing" we plan a feature rich program (more about it on our wiki). As a group we often travel to various camps, conferences and other events like "NSND", "YAXWE" and "TransHack Meeting" that gather hackers from Europe, and you are welcome to join us!

About "skill sharing" in Rijeka[edit]

Skill sharing is an informal weekly gathering where enthusiasts share their useful experiences, knowledge and skills. "Skill sharing" finds inspiration in unselfish sharing of the free software community. We want to bring together our towns hackers, coders, geeks, hacktivists... who wish to share their knowledge, but also people that want to learn certain computer skills, they are in fact a key factor for these meetings.

The program is spontaneous, there is no strict schedule or rules. People gather in a relaxing atmosphere and talk, exchange skills... However we will sometimes prepare talks or lectures beforehand. For that and other stuff we prepared an online colaboration platform which is open for everyone. You can present your own talks or request something you would wish to learn. We can prepare our program there, write documents/tutorials, announce future meetings or review past ones and so on...

For "skill sharing" every Wednesday from 17h - 22h in Molekula (for exact location look at the map on the right) there's a comfortable room available (HackLab) with enough armchairs, one or more desktop computers with a net connection, wifi ap or a switch port for your laptop, an LCD projector and basic software and hardware tools needed for various installations and modifications of software and hardware. Every participant can bring his/hers notebook computer (or handheld...), in fact it's eligible for those meetings where we'll code together etc. Beside technical equipment it's also important that we provide enough cookies and juice for everyone, we can't guarantee that however, we'll take it one meeting at a time :)