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Status closed
Country Netherlands
State or District Gelderland
City Nijmegen
Date of founding 2010/01/23
Last Updated 2019-01-21
IRC irc://freenode/moenenspace
Snail mail


Members Mrngm
Location 51° 50' 28.73" N, 5° 52' 10.30" E

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Current status[edit]

We have a schedule for regular meetings, see our wiki for more details. We are still looking for possibilities within the current building to have a space where we can hang out, work on (larger) projects, host meetings and/or presentations, have a nice cup of coffee etc. We also want to be able to store our stuff, without having to put away our projects. There is plenty of space available for it, though, we have to decide on what room we are going to use and clean up that room.

History of the building[edit]

According to this page, it was built around 1912 as a branch office of the "Bank van Leening". Its build date, according to GIS website of Nijmegen, goes back to 1898.
Since the 1970-1980, it has been used by "De Jong Onderzoekers" / "TCCN" (website) for the general purpose of being creative with technology and offering a space for children and youngsters (up until the age of 18) to take advantage of that opportunity. With Moenenspace, we want to give the youngsters who have seen it all in the project groups (with semi-active support from volunteers) an opportunity to be creative with technology in a more independent way, that is, that they decide on what course to take, without explicit directions given by other people. Youngsters in this case are not really bound by age, though we expect that members of Moenenspace are, in general, older than 18 years.

Current activities within the building[edit]

Several groups use the building for various purposes. There are project groups (with people aged roughly 12-18), a train group (building a train track and with self-built hardware, controlling trains on the track) etc.

We have a twitter account, a blog and a wiki.

One currently active project is called Limesco, an open mobile telecom operator.