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Moddr holes.jpg
Status closed
Country Netherlands
City Rotterdam
Date of founding 2007/10/26
Last Updated 2020-04-27
Snail mail

Boomgaardstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam

Number of members legion"legion" is not a number.
Location 51° 54' 25.83" N, 4° 27' 12.84" E

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Tell the story of the beginning of the hackerspace. How did you come up with the idea? How did you choose the name of your hackerspace? What was your original vision?

moddr_ came about in 2007 when a group of students and graduates from the Media Design MA course, at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, decided there was room for another 'new media' place in the city next to the already established and rather famous v2_lab. We wanted to create a place that is more accessible to young artists and hackers, without the need for overblown project descriptions and ridiculous budget applications.

The name 'moddr_' resembles the dutch word 'modder', meaning mud, and we chose this name to show that a large part of our practice involves the modification and re-creation of already existing technology. We tend to dislike the idea of contemporary media being labeled 'new', and it is part of our mission to display a critical perspective on issues related to this through our artistic practice - basically the lab consists of some very geeky fine-artists...

What are some obstacles that you had to overcome at the beginning of your hackerspace when you were just getting started?

In terms of infrastructure we are part of the WORM venue in Rotterdam (, which also holds analogue film workshops, a sound studio, several online projects, and of course a good bar and stage. One of the obstacles to tackle was the integration of our space into their larger structure, something which we now consider to be an ongoing process, and together with WORM we now organize events, gigs, meetings, exhibitions, the lot.

Describe your hackerspace. What do visitors to the space notice that is special about the space? What kind of tools and resources do you have at the space?

Basically it is a small studio space which we use as an atelier. It holds electronics tools and equipment, networking facilities, a large meeting/eating table and a garden with BBQ and a tent for when it rains. No lazzzor...

How often do you meet? What happens at these meetings?

We work on a daily basis in the studio, however we also travel quite a bit so also sometimes nobody is there for weeks. Going's on in the space range from moderate productivity to insane parties, making plans for world domination and scheming the Singularity.

Describe a disaster that occurred in your hackerspace. (flood, lightning, accident or some such thing)

The Saga of the Whistling-Shit-Pipe; a bathroom renovation was needed to prevent our toilet from bringing forth weird crappy sound in C-Minor.

What are some things that have come out of your hackerspace that you are most proud of?

The 'Pirates of the Amazon' Firefox add-on (and consequent drama), the 'DADAMACHINIMA' exhibition, the 'Web2.0_Suicide_Machine', and several workshops ,events and parties we did...

Was there anything that you did that was essential to the start of your hackerspace? Do you have any advice for people who might be thinking of starting a hackerspace?

Don't do it man. Better get a job.