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  • BEGIN: 2021-07-08, about 18:05 UTC
  • END: 2021-07-08, about 19:20 UTC


  • bronsen
  • jo
  • buZz
  • Bruce_Quillis
  • Georgyo
  • zeno4ever


  1. Status of group registration on (bronsen)
  2. promoting spaceapi (zeno4ever)


Status of group registration on (bronsen)[edit]

  • proof is in place, waiting on libera staff
  • => still WIP
  • => bronsen will poke staff for an update

Promoting Spaceapi (zeno4ever)[edit]

  • more hackerspaces should use and provide data for
  • we have no idea what keeps them from using spaceapi
  • How can we convince spaces to do adopt spaceapi:
  • find or develop a small hardware project (microcontroller with button) to easily update a spaces open/close status
    • => interim results to be discussed at next meeting (2021-08-08)
  • incorporate into the hackerspace in a box starter kit(tm)
  • ask people if they have propaganda material such as videos, or if they would be willing to hold a talk about spaceapi at $some_conferences
  • some spaces do use spaceapi
  • spaces on the hso wiki can set a spaceapi property, in addition to the directory of
  • directory list is 'curated', what are the 'rules' to get approved/denied on the directory list. Zeno4ever will ask.