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  1. Census Bot
  2. When is an entity a hackerspace that should be listed on HSo?
  3. Modality of next meeting
  4. wiki stuff

ATTENDEES: zeno4ever, bronsen, buZz, webmind "->" means some sort of conclusion or decision

  • 1. census bot

Hackerspace Census if space no active and no mail, close or manual

-> The bot checks weekly for pages that have not been updated in 12 months. -> It uses certain criteria to determine how to flag those pages.

 - Criteria so far: calendar entries, rss, social media, and more

-> Present

 - One flag is added by a hidden text, so the bot won't run again for 12 months.
 - Currently it also changes the "status" to _closed_ when certain criteria are met.

-> Future changes

 - The bot will create log pages in the HSo wiki in a dedicated namespace
 - Instead of setting "status" to _closed_, it will set it to _suspected_inactive_ (human editors can then filter for such pages and manually set an appriate status)
 - The bot will use its own account for such edits.
 - Bot will add pages to a category, for humans to check

  • 2. When is an entity a hackerspace that should be listed on HSo?

What is a hackerspace. Are we ok with commercial companies (ponoko) to use

Criteria for a hackerspace are :

-> Idea: spaces should pass all of the exclusion criteria and meet some of the inclusion criteria -> Exclusion

 - no purely commercial entities on HSo 
 - providing office or workspace for rent and nothing else

-> Inclusion

 - non-profit status
 - community-oriented, for example by and for hackers
 - has members (as opposed to visitors or employees only)
 - meet at their own space (could also have shared bits, but something to call from the community)

-> these criteria should be displayed on the creation page

  • 3. Modality of next meeting

- Should we try to move to some other technology than IRC? -> there does not seem to be a desire to move away from IRC, the next meetup will happen on 2020-06-08 14:00 UTC in IRC again.

- Should we try to move to e.g. jitsi ( or bigbleubutton?

  • 4. wiki stuff

Template : add github? add telegram / matrix ? add type of space (fablab / hackerspace / makerspace / coworking space / other) default to hackerspace for all entries if possible add wheelchairaccessibilty

-> zeno4ever and buzz will update the templates to add suggested fields and 'type of space'

Edit wiki page - preview, edit with form - captcha? (normal edit already has a sorta captcha , )

Wiki general -> thumbnails / images broken? (g5pw was notified, and still needs to look at it) many 504 messages, implement monitor system? (like PRTG)