Maltego hackathon

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Maltego hackathon
Maltego hackathon
Type of Workshop
Start April 15th, 2011
Homepage: wiki topic
Venue: Revelation Space
City: The Hague
Country: The Netherlands

What is Maltego?[edit]

Maltego is an intelligence and forensics application. It allows for the mining and gathering of information as well as the representation of this information in a meaningful way.

Coupled with its graphing libraries Maltego allows us to identify previously unknown relationships between information, persons and information about persons. As such, it is a useful tool in the IT security field to map an organization's people and relationships. A valuable aid in exploring the social-engineering attack vector in pen-testing investigations.


The purpose of this hackathon is to create local transforms. Maltego defines various entity types (such as persons, domain names, phone numbers, etc..). Transforms are applications that when called will produce output which results in new entities that are somehow linked to the originating entity within your graph. They can be coded in practically anything as long as they stick to the specification (ie. they output the right kind of XML). These transforms will be open source and released to the community, and can be run locally without the need to contact a server.



Maltego comes in a community edition and a commercial edition. Paterva, the company behind Maltego, has offered a 2-week commercial license to every person attending the hackathon. In addition, the best transform written will be awarded with a one-year commercial license.


Please add your name to the hackathon page.