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Maker Space Malta
Status planned
Country Malta
City Valletta
Last Updated 2018-12-31
Snail mail


Number of members 3
Membership fee 50 Euros Yearly
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? yes
Location 35° 53' 24.19" N, 14° 29' 35.38" E

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This is a planned hacker space.

Proposal for Malta Hacker Space 14 February 2014 at 12:33

What is a Hacker space?

Hacker Spaces are at the foundation of today’s research and development for, robotics, electronics, industrial software design, industrial art, technology and hydroponics to mention just a few. But what exactly are they? A hacker space is defined as a community-run physical space where people can meet and physically work on their projects.A hacker space is not just a space but a global community of thinkers, tinkerers, hobbyists, professionals and academics, with over 11001 physical hacker spaces all over the world. The hacker space community is well over 1,000,000 people that help each other out by sharing ideas, knowledge and corroboration on projects.

The hacker space is governed by the global community an open source project which gives all the information needed to organize, run and maintain the hacker space

Forbes (business) magazine stated that in today’s fast moving world of collaborative research and inclusion hacker spaces are a modern incubation system for startups and instill a sense of entrepreneurship.

Why do we need a hacker space?

When I came to write this section it was much easier to list whole paragraphs why Malta is one of the very few countries to not have a hacker space, but I will
try to highlight the biggest advantages in relation to the Maltese socio-economic scene. Access to a Social Gathering. As everyone has noticed, Malta is 

changing and social gatherings nowadays is limited to the few activates one has before the age of 17. In our Country these have basically become:

1) M.U.S.E.U.M 
2) Scouts & Girl Guides 
3) Some other form of catholic gathering.

Having said this once you start working, and start becoming an Adult, the options in Malta for social gatherings are quite limited. The hacker space thrives on the physical social gathering, exchanging of experiences, knowledge and work. It is aimed for ages from 15 upwards. This will bring a whole new social layer of innovation in Malta.Access to Equipment

The real crux of a hacker space is the access to equipment. All the equipment is owned by the hacker space and is available for all members to use. This is what has made all hacker spaces around the world so popular, access to advanced, high-end equipment which is out-of-reach for most of the people. (more information about equipment is in the requirements section of this document). This gives the ability for thinkers, hobbyists, young entrepreneurs not be limited by the tools they can use, but only by their knowledge and imagination hence cutting out one of the most delimitating factors of community innovation and research. From personal years of experience, working in research and development in Malta is always a struggle with the lack of equipment in Malta, even as a paid service from a private company.

Incubator for Innovation

If we believe Mark Cuban, startups don’t need money. To be fair, I believe Mr. Cuban is saying that the best business doesn’t wait for money but starts doing what they do and finding customers. But I think he is on to something that has long been in motion, since the day of Thomas Edison and many more before him – you can get a company off the ground with little to no money.

“the best businesses usually starts with no money. Sweat equity is the best startup capital there is.” -Mark Cuban on Twitter

However we all in agreement when we say, a common thing startups need is help and lots of it. The government at the moment is spending millions of euros in investment for startups, however, there is little being done on offering real help. The kind of help which only peers and people with experience can give.If you imagine a space filled with likeminded people, all working on their own projects, it is just a fertile area for business incubation.

Offering an alternative to teens

Although this goes hand in hand with accessing another social gathering, I would like to point towards the fact that teens nowadays have very little place to spend their time, especially productively. We all know that bored teens = social trouble and problems.Going beyond the EUWhilst I would like to start by saying this is by no means an attack on EU policy because as we all know EU Funding and project calls do wonders to bring people together, the only downside, is that the European Union is limited, to… Europe. Hackerspace projects span the globe. There are at the moment more than 500 open projects which Hackerspace members can take part in spanning everything from textile research to genetically modified crops and hydroponics.

I am very sure with the quality of brains we have in Malta and our innate curiosity, it won’t be long before Maltese start again making a name for themselves.SpaceIf not always, now more than ever, space is at a premium. I have personally found this problem which I overcame by using my garage for everything except for my car, but what about people who can’t afford to buy/rent a garage. What about all the flat properties which don’t even have an extra room, where are today’s upcoming inventors, entrepreneurs & engineers going to be able to tinker, to experiment, to research?. We are suffocating our own talent by not giving it enough space to breathe and work.5What is needed for a hacker space to work?A lot is provided by the Hackerspace community down to the membership forms. The Hackerspace needs most and above all…. Space. Secondly, equipment, Thirdly, members (members can obviously follow only after the first two are in place).


The space is a vital component, the requirements are as follows:

  • Big, enough space to accommodate enough room for members projects and working areas
  • Industrial electricity supply to operate the machinery
  • Enough space to divide the space into separate working areas
  • In an industrial area, due to noise
  • Have broadband connection availability for collaboration with foreign hacker spaces
  • Be Clean, machinery and electronics need cleanliness
  • Central, due to the nature of the hacker space, preferably it will be in a central location
  • For certain projects an outside area is required, especially hydroponics.
  • Recommendation: San Gwann Industrial Estate
  • Equipment
  • Each hacker space is split up into sections
  • Woodworking
  • Metal Work
  • Automation
  • Electronics and Robotics
  • Composites
  • Textile
  • Computer Lab (internet café)
  • Print Shop
  • Painting and Finishing
  • Kitchen & Gastronomy
  • Meeting Room (Video conference room)

List of equipment by sector

  • Wood working
  • Band Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Belt Sander
  • Sander
  • Lathe
  • Plane
  • Moulder
  • Mortiser
  • Other Hand tools
  • Metal Working
  • Mill
  • Lathe
  • Jeweler’s Lathe
  • English Wheel
  • Pipe Bender
  • Sand Blasting Chamber
  • Power Coating Chamber
  • MIG / TIG Welders

Other Hand Tools Automation

  • CNC Machine
  • Laser Cutter
  • VacuFormer
  • Electronics and Robotics
  • Soldering Stations
  • Surface Mount Solder Station
  • Oven
  • Serial Programmers
  • RF Programmers
  • Arduino Boards
  • Oscillators
  • Other parts and hand tools
  • Textile
  • Sewing Machines (overlock)
  • Computerized Sewing Machine with programmer
  • Weaver

Other hand tools Computer Lab (close to electronics)

  • Computers
  • Computer maintenance stations
  • Monitors

Other hand tools Print Shop

  • Laser Printer
  • Large Format Printer
  • SilkScreen station
  • Computer Cutter
  • Kitchen and Gastronomy (also serves as kitchenette)
  • Food Blender
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Fridge / Freezer
  • Kitchen
  • Meeting Room
  • Screen
  • Computer
  • Video Conference Facilities
  • Painting and Finishing
  • AirBrush Stations
  • Spray Gun
  • Drying Booth
  • General Equipment
  • Oven
  • Compressors
  • Sinks
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets
  • CCTV
  • Fire Alarms
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Intercom
  • RF Access Systems

How it works

Members get to use all the equipment and are allocated storage space, where they can store their project in progress. Also, the hacker space is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is controlled via computerized access systems. Each member is given an encrypted RF Card to open the doors and switch on equipment, hence everything will be logged and tracked, any stolen and/or damaged items can be traced back, and this will be also done with the help of CCTV systems.

Members pay a monthly fee and buy consumables from the hacker space itself. Having said this, prices have to be very reasonable or else it will go against the whole premise and idea behind the hacker space.Where does the hacker space get the money from?There are many ways how the hacker space makes money these are the major ones: Private Sponsorship

Membership Fees

Central Office (The central office accepts private contract work which then distributes, members of the hacker space may opt to work for a specific project and be paid whilst the Hackerspace keeps the profit)

EU Funding, each project will be helped to apply for EU Funding, the Hackerspace itself will be applying for EU Funding

Government Sponsorship

Abroad equipment is mostly donated from sponsoring companies

Where does the Maltese Government come in?

As listed in all the hacker space manuals and books, the biggest expense for a hacker space to start operation is not actually the equipment (although this is quite a handsome investment on its own) but the rental for the space4. Rentals for the kind of spaces needed run in the thousands of Euros a month.

I am proposing that the government donates a warehouse in an industrial zone to be strictly used for hacker space business only.

Wood working· Band Saw€180.00€180.00· Table Saw€100.00€100.00· Belt Sander€150.00€150.00€150.00· Sander€75.00· Lathe€500.00· Planer€850.00· Moulder`· Mortiser€200.00€1,000.00· Other Hand tools€1,000.00Metal Working· Grinders€350.00€350.00€350.00· Mill€650.00· Lathe€975.00· Jeweler’s Lathe€780.00· English Wheel€1,000.00· Pipe Bender€1,200.00· Sand Blasting Chamber€2,200.00· Power Coating Chamber€5,000.00· MIG / TIG Welders€4,200.00· Other Hand Tools€3,000.00€3,000.00Automation· CNC Machine€25,000.00· Laser Cutter€15,000.00· VacuFormer€1,750.00· Waterjet€20,000.00Electronics and Robotics· Soldering Stations€600.00€600.00· Surface Mount Solder Station€1,200.00· Reflow Oven€600.00· Serial Programmers€150.00· RF Programmers€200.00· Arduino Boards€100.00· Other parts and hand tools€3,000.00€3,000.00Textile· Sewing Machines (overlock)€1,000.00· Computerized Sewing Machine with programmer€5,000.00· Loom· Other hand tools€1,000.00€1,000.00Computer Lab (close to electronics)· Soldering stations€200.00€200.00€200.0011· Computers€1,600.00€1,600.00· Computer maintenance stations€1,000.00· Monitors€3,000.00· Other hand tools€2,000.00€2,000.00Print Shop· Inkjet Printer€60.00€60.00· Laser Printer€200.00€200.00· Large Format Printer€5,000.00· SilkScreen station€150.00· Computer Cutter€500.00Kitchen and Gastronomy (also serves as kitchenette)· Food Mixer€900.00· Food Blender€300.00· Oven€1,500.00· Microwave€200.00· Fridge / Freezer€1,000.00· Kitchen€4,000.00Meeting Room· Projector€1,300.00· Screen€500.00· Computer€600.00€600.00· Video Conference Facilities€120.00Painting and Finishing· Compressor€500.00· AirBrush Stations€130.00· Spray Gun€500.00€500.00· Drying Booth€1,200.00General Equipment· Oven€1,500.00· Compressors€500.00· Sinks€600.00· Fire Extinguishers€1,000.00· Fire Blankets€400.00· CCTV€750.00· Fire Alarms€500.00· Burglar Alarms€600.00· Intercom€350.00· RF Access Systems€900.00Consumables (Estimate)€350,000.00€400,000.00€500,000.00€750,000.00€800,000.00Income€0.00-€600.00-€10,000.00-€30,000.00-€50,000.00Members1003005006001000Membership-€24,000.00-€72,000.00-€120,000.00-€144,000.00-€300,000.00Sponsorship€0.00-€150,000.00-€200,000.00-€250,000.00-€300,000.0012Total€456,670.00€177,700.00€171,200.00€338,240.00€153,900.00These prices are researched from sites like ebay, alibaba and other industrial shopping sites. The prices were researched on the 23rd of December 2012. The consumable estimates are just rough estimates, a best guess scenario. The memberships are worked on €20 a month for the first 4 years going to €25 a month on the 5th year.Also note the costing do not include the actual rental of the space, which would amount to around €130,000 a year.


This project is looking for a project manager! Contact: