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Make South Bend
Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City South Bend
Last Updated 2016-12-31



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2228 Mishawaka Ave
46615 South Bend
United States of America

Size of rooms

2,400 ft²


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Location 41° 39' 56", -86° 12' 49"

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Being a maker, entrepreneur, inventor or artist can sometimes be hard with more competition than support, more questions than understanding and more ideas than can be easily accomplished alone. 

The vision of MAKE SOUTH BEND is to create a community space to educate, inspire and support local artists, makers and creative community members through a shared working space and tools, weekly classes and a curated gift shop and gallery of local goods and art. 

We support local makers, entrepreneurs and artists to turn their passion into a living through the low cost of s​hared space and tools, through mentoring and supportive collaboration and through the exposure of the physical and online store. We offer community members of all ages and backgrounds the chance to learn new skills and art forms through weekly classes and foster their appreciation of handmade goods. The curated gift shop offers starting artists and makers a place to sell their work and would help the community easily find locally handmade goods so they can support these artisans.

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